Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Mac Attack is Back Jack!!!

Aside from being upset about the Iphone dropping so drastically in price a mere months after I bought mine I am very pleased with Apple. My phone is really fun and my Mac is out of the shop with a brand new keyboard that I can actually type on without it sticking and making me sssllllloooowwww. Oh, and it works. And the mouse works now too....and, she has a brand new LCD screen! I am primed and ready to make some more videos. A couple of days ago I wondered if I should be so open about my life to the world wide web. You see, there are these two girls. One of them has a history with someone in my life, and one of them has a history of being a total bitch. Well, as "Fate" would have it, they ran into this someone in my life and went on a rant about my first video blog episode and this very blog itself. Ironically, their snooping is getting me a few steps closer to being a paid blogger with the hits it is generating. Alright! I was accused of being drunk, talking shit...and I am sure I will be getting in trouble just writing this. I am beyond caring. Not only about looking perfect to people, but about what immature people have to say about people who are going for what they want. When I really arrive LOTS of people will do this to me. I have so many goals. The book I am writing, the songs I am writing, the art, and my gardening. I will blow insecure people like that out of the water because I am motivated and gifted by the one who takes all of my glory and credit. God. I cannot fail, because he is guiding me. And people who mysteriously see someone and use the opportunity to be a "nay-sayer" about a person or a love that they could never understand are just a reminder that I am on the right road. Because the right road is full of people like that. People who sit on the side trying to make you hate that little road, because they are too afraid to walk straight themselves. People who see you once in a while and think that they know what is right for you. People who aren't there during the simple moments in the crazy lives of passionate people. People who's pride of knowledge supersede their knowledge of truth. People who are afraid to see someone who is going further than they are...who has something they want. People who look in the mirror right past themselves. I'm sure if either of them really knew me they would never speak such lies and brutality. But people will always try to stumble the man who is on the road to righteousness. And this someone in my life...he is well on his way, but things like this open doors for the devil to come in and make him believe he is some "Rebel" Incapable of the desire to follow anyone, especially follow someone with all of his life, who he has never REALLY seen. I just pray that if you, or them, or him, or anyone out there who is feeling like the only way to exhalt yourself is to judge another for things other than their own actions see's this post you will stop a moment. Close you eyes and listen to that tiny voice inside of you that says "We are all just the same." That's the voice that knows how to get to that road. And the Someone in my life who is on that road, I pray that he will stay strong, do not worry about the blisters on your tired feet from the gravel the devil places in the road. Trials are the roots of our soul breaking through the hard soil to grow. I am not afraid of losing anything. I am not afraid of people hurting me. It makes me bigger, bolder, better and brighter. So I love these two girls, I love them for all of the awful things they have done to make me learn about myself. And I hope that someday they will learn to Love. The true meaning of it.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Confessions of a Twitterholic.

It has been an hour and a half since I started tweeting tonight. I am surprised that I had time to stop and write a little mini-bloggeroo. Then I can post on twitter "Hey, check out my new blog post" and everyone will think that I am sooo cool. hahahahahhahaha I crack myself up. Follow me on twitter y'all!