the ugly sweater party

Okay, here it is y'all.  This year I will be raising money for those in need.  I will be hosting an "Ugly Sweater Party" to raise the money.  Here is how it works, beginning Friday, Nov. 4th, check out my etsy store to see what "Foods", "Fashions" and "Favors" this party has to serve up.  One hundred percent of the proceeds of these items goes to buying food cards, gifts, blankets, coats, WHATEVER, to those who may need it.  I have been hearing people say "But Nicole, you aren't rich, couldn't YOU use the money?"  Well, we can all use money, that will never change, but it is time for a "Gratitude Adjustment" and I have much more than many do.  Even though the bills always need paid, they still get paid and that is more than many Americans in this tough time.  I know that the world is full of those in need, but I will be sticking closer to home by helping those in the US.  I will pass out many of the gifts locally and sending some to those who are in need elsewhere (If you know someone or are someone in need, please send me an email).  If you would like to donate an Ugly Sweater, please contact me as well for instructions on how to do so.  I am doing this simply to serve and love others.  I am not looking for gain or recognition, just support and to perhaps inspire others to do the same.  This is my first ever idea like this so forgive me if I do not know all of the ins and outs and feel free to ask me any questions.  All willing donors and recipients will be featured on my blog and ALL proceeds will go to help others (sans shipping costs for items purchased and the etsy fee)   ...Check back throughout the week for more information.  The project officially launches on November 1st, but if you would like to help, or need some help, please email me at  Nicolioso(at)gmail(dot)com

Buttons will be available soon, please put one on your blog and help to spread the love.  We can help those in need, one ugly little sweater at a time.  So, are you in?  Or are you in?

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