Saturday, July 2, 2011

Sometimes, you just have to let freedom ring...I guess.

I realized today that freedom (or at least fireworks) cost ten dollars a person at the Ironstone winery near my house. I couldn't believe that they were charging so much for people to see something that should be free. When I was younger there we were very poor but I could always guarantee that we would see fireworks on the fourth of July. I loved the fireworks so much! Now, on the 2nd of July, in 2011, you must pay! I feel for the children who don't understand why they can't go to see the most magical of all things, because their parents don't have enough money. I am grateful that my daughter, who is 9, is in Missouri with her dad this summer where that isn't a worry. It reminds me of old caste systems in India...segregating the children who come from means, from the poor kids who might be lucky enough to have their parents park their cars on the side of the road near the venue so they may get to see. I would've been a side of the road kid if the fireworks in our town weren't free back then...but hey, LET FREEDOM RING right??

Blogs with themes...

I have never been one to do anything "By the book" or "By the blog" in this case. I have really been leaning back and forth on the idea of doing something with some sort of guideline. I suppose that really, my NON-guideline is, in fact, a guideline. I don't know! Tell me what you think.