Thursday, November 24, 2011

Gratitude. Thank you very much.

I haven't been posting a lot.  Really busy this December.  But I just wanted to say that I am grateful for my readers and that I will be back soon.  Please stop by again.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Disorganization, A case study

I have done it again.  I am not sure what it is that sends me into a flurry of flightyness, but I can't seem to get anything in my life in order!  I don't know if any of you out there have this problem, but it seems to creep up in all avenues of my life.  Let me begin by telling you that the main reason for my distraction is my one year old son, who requires a TON of attention.  I love giving it, but I think I am creating a monster.  You see, I have grandiose dreams of living out some sort of "Martha Stewart" scenario complete with labels for everything and a Jadeite collection that would have the vintage world in awe.  A table setting made of twigs I gathered from my back yard for the dinner party I am throwing for a few swanky friends.  I might even want to make my children some adorable little outfits to wear.  Ah, these dreams flood my head as I turn every page of my Real Simple magazine and imagine my life...Or should I say, someone else's life.  

You see, I can barely find the time to start a project over the seemingly never-ending pile of dishes.  And for some reason I swear clothing bombs have gone off in my house.  I had to laugh at myself today for reading a post I wrote a few weeks ago about my "30 day clean-up challenge", I didn't even make it to day 1!  Between the two children I have (the other is ten, and a girl) and the daily challenges I face as a rugged mountain pedestrian, I rarely find the time to maintain all of the creative ventures I have embarked on.  In fact, there is a very good chance that I won't finish this blog post.  I don't know if it's genes, perhaps some adult ADD, but I am truly ready for a change!  

I have decided that first and foremost, I will write.  I will write all of the things that I want to write, when I want to write them.  I have spent far too much time thinking about things and never putting them down and much too much too much time regretting that.  I am also going to stop letting discouragement stop my flow.  I will now ride out the waves of discouragement like a surfer tasting the first salty swell of the day.  As for my house, it will always be a battle on the brink of hoarder-dom, until I finally find a way to make sense of the endless ebb and flow of human life that occurs inside of it's walls.  I hope that as readers and friends you will come to love my quirky, unscheduled spontaneity.  Please do not get upset with me if I miss a deadline or never get around to doing things in a timely fashion.  I promise that every day I will get a little better.  

In life there are so many ways that we express ourselves,  I hope to use each avenue equally.  I know that to some it is chaos, but at least I am consistently inconsistent.  See you on...Soon.

Friday, November 4, 2011

The Ugly Sweater PARTAY!

sorry to have been spending so much time without a post.  I am working my butt off to get this "Party" started!  I am almost there and will have up the first of the sweater selections tomorrow!  So please check out my etsy store to see how you can help support the cause.  Let's make a big impact as bloggers and readers...We might make 20 dollars, might make 1000's, that's all up to you!!  Sweaters go on sale tomorrow at NOON!  aww yeah boyee!!