Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Moses, the king of the poo's!

I won't be needing any sort of exodus from my new life. Sure, I could sit here and imagine all of the ways for my life to be a little easier, a little less stressful and a bit more "normal", but I have recently (8 weeks ago to be exact) embarked on my greatest adventure. My son Moses came into my life on November 5th, 2010. The labor was short and sweet. The night before, two weeks past my due date, I went with my boyfriend and Moses' dad, Keno to sing karaoke in hopes that it would cause nature to take it's course. Well, it did! A mere couple of hours after whaling out the lyrics to "Sweet child o'mine" I was getting ready to deliver. It was about 2am when the contractions really started to grab my attention, you know, right when I was trying to go to sleep. We made it to the hospital by 4 A.M. after a snap decision to switch hospitals. Our original plan was to go to Sonora regional medical center to deliver, but after finding out about their neo-nazi visitor rule of a mere 2 people, we decided to head over to Sutter Jackson, where we could invite anyone we chose. Good thing we did because before it was all said and done there were 11 people in that little birthing room with us. The contractions were quick but powerful and I sailed through them with no drugs or epidural. Keno was such a good coach, rubbing my back and staying right by my side. At 8:02 in the morning, after a mere ten minutes of pushing and a quick gaze into the face of my nine year old daughter, our little seven pound son was here. Moses Jude Rojas, just in time for breakfast.