Thursday, July 16, 2009

Ze Passion of Ze potato!

This is Toni...

She is the very funny and talented little sister of Ciera and Brandi (My best girls). We go back, our mom's are even friends! Toni and my little sister Alona are besties, she comes over like, every day now that it is summer vacation.

This is Paizlee...

She is my seven year old daughter. She has a bit of an obsession with Micheal Jackson, it is so funny!

When the two of them get together they make the most hilarious movies on the computer. Paizlee can even do it by herself and I love to come and watch what she thinks I have never seen, it is so funny...I will post some. Anyhoo. Toni just set up an entire blog about Paizlee! It is so cute, it is called P-Body and the Potato. I have never seen such a great blog! They are both younger than teens!! Here is a link to really must check it out!

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