Monday, January 16, 2012

Martha Monday!

Let's see what our good ole' friend Martha Stewart is up to today....

Seems she is making a lovely magnetic collage board.  Shall we try it?  We shall.  Here is the scoop on how to recreate this lovely masterpiece.  I wonder if Tori McDermott will have something that compares tomorrow on "Tori Tuesday"?

Tools and Materials24-by-18-inch sheet of galvanized metal
Campus map
Spray adhesive
Utility knife
Foam board
Glazier points
Magnets and decorations
Magnetic College-Campus Board How-To1. Download and print a college-campus map from the school's website.
2. Turn map upside down on a protected surface and apply spray adhesive to the sheet of galvanized metal and the back of the map.
3. Lay your magnetic sheet on top of the portion of the map that will cover the board. Trim away excess paper around the edges with a utility knife.
4. Place map in frame, add foam board, and use 4 glazier points to secure.
5. Flip over and add magnets and decorations.
ResourcesSheets of galvanized metal can be found at home-supply stores. Frames, foam board, glazier points, magnets, and decorations are available at art-supply stores.

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