Friday, May 8, 2009

Alpha Dog...

It is said that within each person there are two dogs (metaphorically of course). The dog that you feed is the one that will grow, get fat, become the Alpha Dog. In me I can categorize my two dogs. One is a spunky, loyal, wonderfully naive little puppy dog. She is so trusting and she just wants to be loved. I would like that little puppy to grow into a healthy leader. Strengthened by the food of love. Nurtured and cared for. But I have allowed that little puppy to be neglected. Fed only scraps of food and always hungry for more, but still in the forefront. The other she is the real tough one. She is not afraid of anything. She is wonderfully loyal too, and also very cunning,but she has one hell of a bite, and if she feels threatened she growls. Now, this dog has been locked inside of a cage deep in my heart. I was so afraid to take her out that I kept her there. As the years passed she watched that puppy beg for more love, more food, more to make her grow into what she was destined to be. This angered her. She would growl and bark and beat at her cage, anxious to get out and take over for the weakened puppy. She would grow more and more upset everyday howling "Let me out, let me out now, it is time for me to take care of things for a while." Now this dog, even though she was in a cage was fed with the food of injustice. She hungered for fairness. She grew strong in truth and matters of the heart were of no defeat. As the puppy grew weaker, hungry for love and with no logic, she began to fault. She was so scared and hungry that she would do anything for food. She would beg, whimper and occasionally, she would snap. Barking and biting at anything, especially her master at the time...which was not herself as it should have been. One cold dark evening the puppy was waiting as she usually did for the master. She waited and waited, but he did not return. She barked and ran in circles, using up what little energy she had left for no good of her own. She came to the cage and barked softly as she fell limp. When the other dog saw this she was filled with something she had never been filled with before. A true matter of the heart. The place where justice and love meet. In that moment she thrust her muscular body at the door of the cage. As it swung open she jumped out and atop the cage crushing it. She ran out and with a mighty growl she stood over the puppy. Vowing to conquer all that is bad in this world to ensure that puppy gets fed. As days go by she charges forth with her mighty strength. Gathering love for her sick puppy and truth for herself. Vanquishing all who come in the way of harm to the one she is protecting. Not because she is better. Not because she is angry. Not because she wants to, but because she is the only one strong enough. Strengthening with Love so that, with Love...the puppy will become what she was destined to be. The Alpha Dog. Leading the pack through the storm.