Tuesday, January 5, 2010

In all the fights we have had, at least my boyfriend...

Never called me a c*nt!  Which is more than I can say for my friend Jimi.  I went over to my friends Christen and Will's house (Is that how you write that?!).  Jimi, an old friend, was there too
and we had a really nice dinner.  Then, as we were all making sarcastic banter, I threw in a line about people who spend too much on a wedding when they can't really afford it, but in not such a nice way (but I WAS being sarcastic).  Well, it didn't really settle well with him and he proceeded to begin hitting me repeatedly below the belt.  He mentioned some things that I had no idea he knew about.  Things which you should never EVER throw in someones face to cause them harm.  I do understand that sometimes when people make jokes someone can strike a wrong chord and anger someone, but this was a little crazy.  He even called me the C word.  I can't write it up here although I am not a prude...it's just too shocking for even me.  My brother used to call me that a lot so I was a bit desensitized to it at the time, but it did infuriate Christen.  The night ended with us having cleared it all up...and me accidentally stealing Christen's lighter, but I still can't believe it happened...So, let it be a lesson.  If some sarcastic jokester is dishing it out and you dish it back...careful you aren't better at it than him or you'll piss him off so bad that he will call you the C word.  That is all.


  1. Yeah, there's no real equal for such an insult against guys..."dickless", maybe???

  2. wow, i completely apologize for not returning these comments...I am such a C word!!!! hehe!