Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The top ten reasons that I love my little town!

I used to imagine living in a big city.  One full of lights and excitement.  Finally, at age 23 I had gotten my chance.  It was 2005 and I moved to Seattle with big plans to bring my daughter out there and start a new life in the big city...That only lasted a few months!  I moved back to my little town in California, where my daughter was waiting for me in the care of my parents, so that I could give her something that the big city could never offer.  Now, at age 30 and with another child, I have come to appreciate the little town that raised me.  So I decided to list the top ten reasons that I left my big city dreams behind.

  1. Everyone knows who I am here:  Once, my daughter was walking downtown with her dad who rarely comes up.  Before the day was through I had received over ten phone calls about my daughter being seen in town with a man they didn't recognize.  I felt so safe!
  2. There is only one stop light.
  3. I am surrounded by trees and the beauty of nature.  I rarely worry about air quality (unless there is a fluke forest fire.)
  4. I leave my car unlocked, with the keys on the floorboard and my purse on the seat, and it is all there when I return to it.
  5. My garage is open right now and I never have to lock my door...ever.
  6. The newspaper police reports typically contain headlines like "Man knocks over trash cans, police are called."  
  7. I can get free coffee, free meals, personal credit at boutiques and I have never ever paid to park anywhere.
  8. Three times a year the main street is closed off for street fairs, and wine drinking is encouraged.
  9. I pay 1000 dollars a month for a four bedroom house with a rose garden in the back yard.
  10. My children are safe here.  It's like 1955 but with better cars! 
I could never imagine leaving now.  Sure, the taste of the city still whets my palate.  The idea of having more than one option for nightlife can be appealing at times.  I have to drive over an hour to get to the nearest in and out burger...But I wouldn't trade the sound of frogs and crickets at night for the sound of sirens for all the money, fun or food in the world.  I will grow where I was planted, and what a lovely little garden it is!


  1. What town is this? I want to move there too!

  2. It's called Murphys. It is in the Sierra Nevada's of California! Please please come and visit...or stay forever, haha! We need cool chicks like you in this neck of the (literal) woods.

  3. Aw Nicole, Thanks for this. these are some of the reasons I miss being up there soooo much!

  4. Are you from this area Rebecca? Do I know you from up here? Where are you living now? Do you like the twenty questions game? haha

  5. Awww, sounds perfect! You're not too far away from the big city are you? How far away is SF? I used to live in Marin county, and it was absolutely gorgeous, so I know your neck of the woods must be beautiful:)


  6. I live about three hours from SF, but love to get down there as often as possible. It is so lovely up here! Where are you from?