Tuesday, October 11, 2011

My Blog is what a kid with ADD's brain looks like, and my house is it's bi-polar cousin Melvin.

I have been attempting to clean my house.  I border on the fine line between collector, and hoarder.  I have accumulated many items over the years to "sell" and have fallen in love with many of them.  My love affair is an abusive one though, I leave these wonderful items in boxes and I have converted my home decor to "vintage, pile-chic".  I seem to get caught up on the needy rooms which always need attention or they start to cry an odorous rant.  The rest, well, neglect comes to mind.  I am now selling many of the pieces on my little etsy store, The old Brown Shoe.  I will be posting about my progress, and offering up some tasty finds and tips.  First though, I must show you a glimpse of what I am working with.  I am going to be extremely candid in these before shots...I am not proud.  In a life-long attempt to clean up my head, blog and business, I will first attempt to clean up the root of all of this chaos. My living environment.  Wish me luck! (Disclaimer:  All items seen here are MY mess, laundry,etc.  They are not the items for sale in my store which are neatly tucked in a closet ready to ship or awaiting my discovery of them in the neatly sealed box they currently reside in, in which case, you will see them soon.)

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