Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Challenge guidelines for "My year of NON-CONSUMERISM"

Okay, how am I going to do this thing?  I would like to really do my best NOT to consume (aka buy) anything wasteful or un-needed.  I am making myself two exceptions for now (do not judge, these are judgement free exceptions which could change should my willpower's gonna be hard enough dammit!).  Exception #1-Pepsi (I will switch to throwbacks only as I do not agree with high fructose corn syrup and would like to give it up entirely).  Exception #2- Cigarettes.  For now I am still a smoker.  I am working on it and would like to quit soon.  I do smoke American Spirits, which have no chemical additives, but it's still smoking.  I could find local herbs to make cigs, but we will be touching on that as it comes about so I am still considering it an exception.  Deal with it. for the rules.  My point is to "vote" with my dollars against the evil ties of corporate consumerism!  So how can I do that and still live a decent life???  EASY!  At least it will be once the opposite isn't familiar anymore.   As the owner of a blog called "Oxymorons", I should try not to be one myself.  I can't care about the environment and spend money on industry that promotes the destruction of our finite resources!  So here we go...the rules.

  1. I will not buy any items which are not essential to the health or wellbeing of my family from any corporate entity.  AKA- Toilet paper, food and or feminine products.  I am not trying to be a complete gross savage hippy, just trying to lower my intake drastically and see how it sticks.
  2. I will buy any of the above mentioned items locally or by way of barter BEFORE attempting to get them from a corporation.
  3. Yard Sales and thrift stores with a direct local benefit/charitable donation are fair game. 
  4. Bartering is fair.  If goods or services are traded for goods or services that doesn't constitute market or monitary exchange.
  5. If any "needed" items can be made I will take them off the purchase list.
  6. EMERGENCIES:  If I need a bandaid or know, I can be clumsy.
  7. Does not include items I must buy for work or a client.
  8. I can earn money as I must still pay my bills (I know, the ultimate paradigm or...oxymoron if you will)
  9. I will document all days truthfully and candidly 
Well, here we go!  Since it is after midnight, I suppose this is technically day 1's beginning!  Wish me luck!

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