Monday, July 16, 2012

My consumerism diet: The first three days!

So far, everything seems to be going pretty well.  Thinking about it, this isn't really a drastic lifestyle change for me.  I live in such a small town that most of the commerce is locally owned.  My grocery store is family owned, and there is a farmer's market every Friday evening.  I did receive a Forever21 order in the mail on day one, but I had forgotten about it and only made the order because my friend is getting married and I am a bridesmaid.  I got my dress through them a few days before the "diet" began.  On Friday at the farmer's market, I bought some spice blends from a man who lives in my town.  So far, nothing really exciting or new.  No real new thoughts or intrigues...but hey, it's only the first weekend so we'll see!

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